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In today’s legally jumbled world, it’s important as a business owner to have backups when things go wrong. Picture this scenario: a customer visits your place of business and today is not their day. They step out of their vehicle in the parking lot and a stranger knocks them over, running away with their belongings. Dazed by the attack they can’t remember the slightest detail of their assailant.

They run inside and explain what happened and phone the police. The police show up and investigate the scene, asking you if you have surveillance footage of the parking lot. You haven’t invested in a camera system so you can’t offer the police or your customer any help. The theft goes unsolved.

This is a minor example but suppose that same scenario happened to you while setting up shop in the morning? Or if somebody were to injure themselves on your property and make a fraudulent claim? It’s valuable to have a record of events in the chance these things happen.

Security cameras increase safety, offer records of any incidence, and are a cost effective way to prevent any scrupulous legal attacks. It’s a smart thing to do before your business is left unguarded in any of these situations.