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Our Services


Are your computers running slow?  Is your WiFi connection causing a disturbance?  Having pop-ups and trouble with malware or virus intrusion?  We will incorporate our years of experience with your business plan to keep your hardware up and running, your software up to date, and your users trained.


Why are you paying so much for your current phone system? Did you know you can switch to something way easier to use that will save you money each month? Our phone system can replace your existing handsets with VOIP (voice over IP) phones that use your existing internet connection for service. Saving you the cost and hassle of dealing with multiple service providers. The best part is you’ll have access to a mobile app which allows you to work from anywhere as if you’re answering calls inside your office. Give us a call today to find out how you can start saving!


Do you need a new logo to spruce up your business?  Logo design is a critical part of every business.  A good logo could be the reason a customer chooses your business over the competition.  A custom logo will easily distinguish your company from others.  Starting at just $249, you can get six custom logo variations to choose from, in as little as five business days.  Filter Networks takes full responsibility for the originality of the work created by its designers


Need a new website? Don’t even have a website?  Let Filter Network Solutions construct or remodel an informative and attractive website for your business.  One of the best attributes is that our prices are competitive and affordable. Bottom line is that we have the ability to work with EVERYONE and are flexible to meet your needs. Contact Us today for a free quote!


Filter Networks is not just a networking and IT company.  We also have a diverse background in photo and video production.  Whether you are looking to form an online YouTube presence, build a social networking page, or simply find someone to hire for your wedding, we have the equipment and experience.


Looking for some special aerial shots for multimedia and print publication?  We are licensed drone operators and have a variety of drones with 4K recording capabilities.  Whether it’s a photo of your residence, school, or health care facility, we can fly by and capture footage from the ground, up!


Are you looking to upgrade your office computer system or find someone to maintain it? Some of our specialties include PCI compliance, hot spot configuration, security, network optimization, remote access and workstation setup.  Not sure how many data runs you need? Not sure if your business is protected from the latest online threats?  Filter Networks can provide solutions to these problems.  Contact us today to schedule your IT consultation!


When you are installing in restaurants, hotels, gas stations, convenience stores and small businesses, we know every penny counts. We not only deliver a great price, but it comes with better than standard features including full hybrid functionality, a robust Graphical User Interface, POS integration and expanded remote management capabilities. User-friendly operation, low maintenance, essential surveillance functions and great value makes Filter Network Solutions the perfect choice for your business.



With our ever-changing world of technological advances including ethernet cabling, Filter Network Solutions will keep your company aware of and up to speed with the latest network cabling solutions.  We want to help your business work more efficiently and ultimately increase your profits. From new wiring installations, updating existing solutions, to new procedures and standards within the telecom field, FNS is here to help.